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"I have attended the training of Live Unique Life and found it informative and helpful. I immediately placed the order for Pre- Probiotic and Bone Wellness for my family. Happy to report that my wife feels much better in Gut issue and Joint issue

Dip Patel, South Gujarat

"I use Chlorophyll of Live Unique Life and it has improved my Oxygen level as well as Blood count

Arvind Patel, South Gujarat

"The Immuno Booster Kadha Mix is easy to prepare and tastes good. My cough and congestion is reduced and I feel healthy. Also taking and Go- Low stress regularly. Now my mood remains good and I also get good and sound sleep.

Dilip Kumar Sahoo

"I have recently started using the wellness products of Live Unique Life. I was suffering from indigestion and faced burps & motion issues. But after consuming Pre- Probiotic capsules I feel relieved. I am also using Multivitamin tablets which is making me feel more energetic at the age of 62. I'm very much satisfied by using Live Unique Life products.

Anjali Bamugade, Thane

"I have been using Live Unique Life product Tulsi drops which gave me relief from cold and cough and improved my breathing. And Immunity Kada Mix has made me very active whole day. I am very satisfied

Muvvala Siva Kumar, Chirala

"I have been using Satophal Fruit mix and Omega 3 since last month. After consuming Satophal Fruit mix helped to get my skin better and brighter. I am very happy after using it and I will share it with my friends and family too. Thank you Live Unique Life.

Satyanarayana, Chirala

"I recently got Immunity Booster Kada Mix & Omega 3. Getting good results from both products. I feel my cold and cough is reduced and energy improved. I am getting good relief from joint pains from Omega 3. I am happy to suggest my friends & relatives of these products.

K Veera Brahmam, Guntur

"I am using Go Low Stress and Tulsi drops regularly. My sleep quality and stress which was a problem before is now much better. Live Unique Life’s Tulsi drops is very strong and powerful. I am now convinced to use more products.

Deepak Kanungo

"I bought Tulsi drops, Stevia drops and Bone wellness for my family. My mother was suffering from joint pain and stiffness in legs, now she is feeling much better after taking bone wellness from last 15 days. I am also taking Omega 3 capsule and Tulsi drops and now my cholesterol levels came down, feeling more energetic and my weight also reduced by 3-4 Kg when supported with a good lifestyle. Also, I feel energy throughout the day when I drink liquid chlorophyll in the morning.

Siba Prasad Das,Orissa

"I am suffering from chronic Anemia and weakness so i have tried to take chlorophyll of Live unique live and same was suggested Me from My Friend Mr Arvind Patel After taking 15 days i feel Much better than past and have no any side effect too So i wants to say Thank you live unique

Dr Ashish, Baroda Gujarat

"This year I have used, Unifarm Boost Grow (Single Spray), for cultivating ground nuts, It has given me Rs 32,500 more profit on the production compared to last season at a nominal cost of Rs.1200

Mr Suresh Patel, Gujarat

"I used Live Unique Life Unifarm Boost Grow, Only a single spray on a trial basis I am excited about the result. After investing only Rs.1600 I have got an additional yield and additional profit of Rs.88000 per acre.

Mr Dharmendra Parmar, Gujarat

"Myself R. Prajapati from Mumbai. I’m using Live Unique Life’s Immuno Booster Kadha since 4 months. Initially I used to get cold & cough frequently but now its reduced and I’m feeling much better. Also I used to face indigestion issues but now I feel relax.

Mr. R Prajapati