Your yesterday is what you
are today. Your today makes
your tomorrow.
Live Unique life was born with an objective to help make everyone self-independent and meet their unique financial and wellness goals. We promise to bring innovation & inspiration to every individual choosing a healthier and happier path. At Live Unique Life, we help you find the right direction that leads you to a wholesome life of health, wealth and prosperity.
Our Story
Unique Mercantile India Ltd, our parent company, has over 25 years of rich experience in the Insurance, Real Estate, Hospitality & Vacation domain.

Having covered various aspects of an individuals’ lives; like providing homes for a sense of belonging-ness, insurance for safety and financial security, vacations for families to spend quality time and relax in the comfort of our best in class hotels, we are now excited to bring to you the next level of personalised experience in the world of wellness.
We understand the importance of good health and overall wellbeing and have created Live Unique Life under our Wellness vertical to support our mission towards providing a holistic life for every individual.
As a brand, we believe in empowering and enlightening you for a better tomorrow - a tomorrow which is healthy and prosperous.
To be the market leaders in personal wellness industry through innovation and evolution, backed with world class trained professionals in direct selling communities across India
To offer a proactive and personalised approach to health and wellness while offering a balanced life brimming with positive business opportunities
Core Values
Our Brand Core Values are inspired by our corporate logo.

The 5 leaves in the Brand Symbol represents the five brand values: